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    2011 - 06.24

    JLS Dolls Collectable Toys,

    Games, Clothes & Hoodies.

    HEY GIRLS the jls dolls 2011 are here so take your audio headphones off and stop listening to JLS for a moment and visit the jls shop!, you have waited long enough for the jls dolls, you are now able to put your hands on the JLS collectable toy dolls!.The guys are here in a range of life like action figure, toy dolls. The makers Vivid Imaginations have produced the dolls clothes of ASTON, JB, MARVIN and ORITSE, to completely match their trendy outfits and laser precision cut facial features, John Scott says “oh and body features as well! “.The collectors dolls of Jls had been kept a closely guarded secret, but we at www.jls-dolls.com aren’t playing games with these Jls Accessories toys, together with the makers, girls we have made it easy for you to get your collectors 2011 jls dolls, just one click and your favorite member of the JLS band will arrive straight to your front door!!.

    Jls Dolls | Jls Hoodies

    Vivid Produce JLS Dolls.

    A vivid spokesman said: “When we worked with TAKE THAT 17 years ago the boys generated dolls sales of more than 200,000 in 12 months.”It looks very much like the JLS boys toy dolls will beat that number significantly.”The JLS toys are now on sale and will retail for around £15 per doll. Also look out for the JLS Hoodies for kids these come in all the guys colors and are fab! It looks like these could be the next present must have!

    Aston Doll, JB Doll, Oritse Doll and Marvin Doll the JLS Dolls.

    Girls the dolls of the famous british boy band JLS are 30cm tall. They include all four sexy members of the band – Marvin Humes, JB Gill, Aston Merrygold and Oritse Williams – All the dolls feature life like faces made using up to date laser technology, sporting the boy’s favourite JLS clothes. With such a massive JLS dolls following and fan club, we are convinced the JLS dolls will sell more than the Jamie Lynn Spears dolls in huge quantities to girls and boys all over the world. They are a must have 2011 Christmas gift which are certain to become collectable almost instantly.


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