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  • Jls – Girls these collectable dolls are in your hands forever!

    2010 - 05.17

    If you have fantastic Jamie Lynn Spears dolls, Jordan or terman dolls then these collectable JLS Dolls are the thing for you.

    We have John I Scott dolls but these are better!

    Put your JLs Audio files on load and thank the makers Vivid for producing such fine jls dolls clothes.

    These collectable toys are not just for girls but for boys as well and will sit great amongst all your other JLS toys and games.

    Have fun with your jla dolls we know you will!


    Jamie Lynn Spears.

    2 Responses to “Jls – Girls these collectable dolls are in your hands forever!”

    1. Jamie Horace says:

      Great site I love it thanks very much!
      See ya
      PS – I will be getting the dolls for Christmas!

    2. Jls-dolls says:


      […] something about jls-dolls[…]…

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