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    2011 - 06.24

    JLS Shop


    Find all the latest jls room decor in the official JLS shop. We have all the best room decor such as jls posters and jls duvet covers in the jls shop. All the lads have their own individual merchandise such as Aston posters and JB mugs and Oritse t-shirts and in the jls shopyou will also find marvin with his own collection of items for sale.

    Search the JLS Shop for your room decor.

    Make your room a jls room with our superb jls shop room decor the posters will bring the guys right into your bedroom and then you can have a JLS duvet cover to sleep under! imagine that.

    Go to bed with your nice hot drink of cocoa in a brilliant JLS mug from the JLS shop.

    Put your jls cd on and sit and play with your jls dolls games and toys if you need more ideas just go to the jls shop and browse through all the wonderful products we have.

    Jls Shop Room Decor

    Named JLS Hoodies from the JLS shop.

    Look really cool with a named jls hoodie from the online jls shop we have all the colors available so just choose your favourite one and we will send it direct from the jls shop straight to your home next day.

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