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    2011 - 09.11

    Fun Jls Games for Girls and Boys great for kids.



    Jls dolls have just released some fantastic new jls games for girls and boys, these games are great fun  to play on in your spare time while you are looking at the jls dolls website. We have made 3 new jls games just for you and all are very different with great features and will really test your skills. First of the jls games is the simple yet fun JLS fruit machine, spin the reels until you get 5 of the same in a row it may take a while but you will win this jls game eventually.

    jls games

    JLS Games – jls Puzzles and JLS Quizzes.

    Net up is the match a pair of jls pictures, this the second of the fun packed jls games and requires you to beat the high score by finding all the jls picture pairs in the grid, you are against the clock so keep trying and hurry along in this great jls game.

    Jls Bears – One of those spot the difference jls games for girls.

    Finally the hardest of all the new jls games is JLS Bears odd one out!

    This is the hardest of the three and you will need all your concentration to win at this jls game its a tough one.

    You may start well with a quick couple of fast rounds but soon the pressure will be on, you only have 2 minutes to complete 10 rounds in this fantastic jls game and its a real patience killer.

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    1. Lauren Packham says:

      The game is sooooooo hard even I can’t do it!!!! and I am a massive JLS fan

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