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    2011 - 07.18

    JLS Annual 2011 / 2012


    What would it be like to spend the whole year with JLS? well lovely girls here is your big opportunity with the latest JLS Annual 2011 / 2012. Yes the world’s biggest boy band annual includes everything you need to know about the fabulous foresome.

    A whole year with the JLS annual 2011.

    You can take a real test and see which of the boys are your ideal partner and you can tell your friends all about the jls annual and which band member you are likely to go on a date with. Ever wanted to create your own JLS dance routine? well right inside the 2011 annual we show you how and teach you all the skills to wow your friends.

    jls annual 2011 - 2012

    FREE Jls Annual Calender Poster.

    Follow the tour dates with this superb JLS annual poster it gives you all the important gig dates and will keep you girls and boys busy all year round.

    This annual is packed with all the best pictures and fun games and jls facts and figures.

    Quotes from the boys Oritse and JB tell about their privates likes and dislikes, Aston and Marvin tell us whats important about love and relationships.

    This jls annual will take you closer to the boys than ever before, so while your tucked up in your jls duvet hugging your jls dolls you can read all the insider gossip and dream about the boys till you fall asleep.

    Find out what the boys look for in their perfect girl and what aftershave they prefer.

    As well as all the facts the jls annual 2011 is also full of fun jls games and great activities with articles all about the lads music, films and books.


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