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    2011 - 05.25

    JLS Dolls | Girls get their clothes off today!


    HEY GIRLS, you have waited long enough you are now able to put your


    hands on the JLS Dolls figures!.The guys are here in a range of collectable
    action figures. The makers Vivid Imaginations have produced the JLS
    of ASTON, JB, MARVIN and ORITSE, complete with colored JLS clothes
    , oh and body features as well! “

    Collectors items get your JLS Dolls now.

    The collectors items toys are the new hottest thing ,
    but we at www.jls-dolls.com have made it easy for
    you, just one click and your best boy of the band will arrive direct to you!!

    The JLS Dolls are going fast so hurry and order yours today.

    Jls Collectable dolls clothes.

    JLS Dolls Argos

    >>> Collect your JLS Dolls <<<

    Collect all 4 JLS Dolls then keep them forever

    The Dolls all have there own looks and some excellent body features. Play with them all the time and enjoy having jls in your bedroom.

    Look out for updates and new clothes for the boys as these will be available soon, then you can dress your JLS Dolls while listening to your audio jls songs.

    Set them up in different poses on your shelf and take pictures of them and post them here for everyone to see.

    We love the JLS dolls and i’m sure you will too.

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    1. chloe says:

      how much are the jls dolls

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