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    2011 - 08.23

    Jls Games | Jls Puzzles | Jls Quiz

    Great Fun for girls and boys.





    jls games

    Its time for some fun, we have some fun packed jls games, jls puzzles and a jls quiz for you to enjoy. If you like jls and games on the computer then you will just love our new jls games we have put together for you.

    First up we have jls fruit machine, just keep spinning and see if you can get a row of 5 Astons or a row of 5 JLS games logos its great fun for boys and girls.

    These JLS games for kids are just the thing to keep them busy when boredom sets in, try the new matching pairs jls game, its sure to be a big hit.
    Finally we have jls bears odd one out, if you thought the other two jls games were easy, then this is for you, its a great game to test your powers of observation and skill. look out for the jls bear thats the odd one out and enter your high score when you win!

    Jls Games for Kids – JLS Fruit Machine.

    Introducing jls fruit machine, its one of those jls games that can become addictive, just keep spinning the reels until you get a 5 in a row winner! its great fun for girls and boys.

    JLs Games for boys and girls – JLS Matching Pairs.

    You will have played this game loads of time but not as a jls games format its got great images of all the guys, Aston, JB, Marvin and Oritse to find so keep looking and try and beat the time for the high to score, don’t forget to enter your high score to see where you came.

    Jls Puzzles for kids – JLs Bears Odd One Out.

    Find the odd JLS bear in amongst all the others this is one of those jls dolls games that will have you pulling your hair out! its really hard, I mean really hard, sometimes they just all look the same but there is a difference you just have to find it!

    45 Responses to “Jls Games | Jls Puzzles | Jls Quiz | Great Fun for girls and boys.”

      • tiegan johnson says:

        jls i love you so much JLSTER for life but whoever made these games are sorta tight cuz on the match game they didnte even put a pic of oritse yet they put every1 elses face!!! I love all of you in jls MY BOYS FOREVER!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    1. melissa says:

      jls are so good and are the best

    2. Katie says:

      The odd one out game is so hard it took me ages to get it to level 10 !!! lol 🙂

    3. melissa says:

      i love jls and the games . yesterday i met ortise and aston in hounslow and i said can i have a autograp and i got them and aston gave me a kiss and asked me out x its was amazing they went shopping in primark x

    4. latitia says:

      i love jls and the games xxxxxxx 🙂

    5. Chloe Merrygold (chloe cook) says:

      I’m JLS number 1 fan, I love you guys soooo much , saw you on 17t june 2011 best day of my life <3

    6. courtney suanders says:

      hello jls fans..

      soon i am going to meet jls …

      my brothers girlfriend said she knows i thionk orice or jb i dont know if aston and the rest of jls group is reading this her name is coral… she is 17 years old now… just to let you know shes fine and has had her baby its a girl….

      jls i hope we can meet one daqy… iloveyouu i might be comming to your concert in march 2012 at the 02 in london so look out for me 🙂

      aston your only 9 years 7 months and 7 days older than me… i know things about u …

      you have 1 brother and 5 sisters…
      your fav food is tuna,pizza and pasta….
      your birthday is 13 febuary (im going to have a party for you)

      and lots more aston your my fav one out of jls and i love you your everything to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      we will meet some day bbeee xxxxxxx

    7. courtney suanders says:

      you lot are amazing for liking jls iloveyou all … jls i voted for you the whole way through x factor…..

      iloveyou :* xxxxxxxxxxxx

    8. jasmine aston lover says:

      i love u all soooooooooo
      your 3rd album is the best 1 ever!!

    9. kelsey lowe says:

      i love jls xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    10. Siobhan says:

      Aaah These games are so amazing! JLS you guys inspire me and I wish to be as good as you guys in a couple of years! Thank you for the songs you have made and I wish you all the best for the future!

      From a true JLSter…. Siobhan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    11. Siobhan says:

      Lol x Aston you were born 1 day after my big brother xx 🙂

    12. 123456789 says:

      i love jls and aston merrygold is my boyfriend

    13. Phoebe Humes says:

      Wow! this website is realy great!
      i loooooooove JLS!

    14. pooop says:

      i adore jls thay make me wanna oh oh oh oh oh oh make me wanna oh oh oh oh oh oh

    15. grace says:

      i love jls soooooooooooooo much i really want 2 see them in concert in march

    16. I love jls but love aston merrygold so so so soo much. *jls xxxxxxxx

    17. leah cross says:

      OMG! just been to see them and they are fantastic to meet especially jb the fitest in the group. and aston loves blonde haired girls and jb likes any kind love him xxxx

    18. Jadey says:

      I love JLS they r so call. I love u JLS

    19. Jadey says:

      Aston Merrygold we u go out with me

    20. OMG! i am going to see them in april the 20th i cat wait. i really love marvin humes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 🙂

    21. Thank you JLS for coming to manchester men arena I was watching you play and I thought you were fantastic and I love marvin humes so much xxxxxxxxxxx I posted that on the big screen at the men arena xxxxx love from katie mcdonnald. <3

    22. It was on the 20th april 2012 at Manchester MEN Arena xxxxxxxxx
      love fromkatie mcdonnald again xxxxx <3

    23. I LOVE ASTON MERRYGOLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    24. becky unsworth says:

      i soooooooooooo love jls I AM THIER NUMBER ONE FAN ALL THE WAY SO BACK OF GIRLS BECAUSE JLS ARE MINE ESPECILLY ASTON (know evreything about the sexy band jls) love them all XX :happy:

    25. I love jls new song it’s called ustoppable it’s good thank you byue xxxxxxxxxxx fans

    26. nabilah says:

      I LOVE ASTON MERRYGOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3<3<3

    27. cassey says:

      aston your our fit i have seen you in concert and you touched my hand
      🙂 i was so happy whemn you touched my hand i got jumpers and posters of you all
      you all are really good singers and i have seen you 15 time 🙂 now i am going to be seeing you in deceamber

    28. jls are the beat. i love aston. i would love to meet them.

    29. OMG such a big fan of jls. Im a jlster i love aston merrygold SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!

    30. lily says:

      I love you all sooooooosong that oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much, thmakes me cry is everbody in love. i have got a boyfriend.love lilyxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    31. dayna says:

      jls are so sexy best singers ever and i love the loads and loads xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    32. ellie wheeker-smith says:

      I love Marvin!! best band in the world!! way,way,way better than any other boy band or band in the world!!!!!! worlds biggest fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    33. i lov them all so proud of them

    34. Sally says:

      I LOVE all of JLS , all of them are good looking . I especially LOVE Aston xx


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